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Human Sphere N3 Content.




  • The Controller of this trooper is in Isolated or any Null state.
  • The trooper fails a Coherency Check, breaking Coherency with its Controller.
  • The trooper suffered a successful Attack from an enemy using a Special Ammunition or Hacking Program capable of causing this state.
  • The trooper suffered the effect of a piece of scenery, a Special Scenario Rule, or condition capable of causing this state.


  • Troopers in this state cannot declare Orders or AROs.
  • Automatic Special Skills and Automatic Equipment have no effect while in the Disconnected state.
  • Disconnected troopers count as casualties for the purposes of Retreat!
  • Players cannot count their Disconnected troopers as survivors for Victory Point purposes at the end of the game.


  • This state is automatically cancelled if the Controller of this trooper recovers from the state which caused the activation of the Disconnected state.
  • If this state has been caused by breaking Coherency with the Controller, then it will be automatically cancelled at the end of an Order in which the Disconnected trooper is again in Coherency with its Controller.
  • If this state has been caused by an Attack, a piece of scenery, or a Special Scenario Rule applied to this trooper, then it is automatically cancelled if a trooper with the Special Skill Engineer (or an equivalent Skill) spends one Short Skill of an Order while in base contact with the affected trooper and passes a Normal WIP Roll (or the Roll specified by the Special Skill or Scenario that caused the state).