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  • If the Scenery Item or the piece of Equipment was represented by a Marker, simply remove it from play. If it was a physical piece of scenery, place a Destroyed Marker (DESTROYED) beside it.
  • If it was a Construction Scenery Item (Wall, Partition...) on its own or as part of a Scenery Building, place a Narrow Gate Marker (NARROW GATE) on the point of impact.
  • LoF can never be drawn through Narrow Access points created by the Destroyed state.
  • A trooper's base can never be completely or partially inside a Narrow Access created in this way. When moving through one of these openings, the trooper goes from base contact with one side of the Narrow Access to base contact with the other.
  • A Scenery Building in the Destroyed state is considered to be Very Difficult Terrain and a Saturation Zone.
  • If there were any troopers or Scenery Items inside the Scenery Building when it enters in the Destroyed state, they will not be affected.


The Destroyed state is generally irreversible and cannot be canceled, unless the rules specific to the mission or scenario being played indicate otherwise. In that case, follow the procedure stated in the rules.


N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.1
Q: When an Access Scenery Item (a door, for example) enters Destroyed state, is the access point blocked, open or something else?
A: The Access point is considered open.
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