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This is a hacking range amplifier designed for deployment onto the battlefield.

Deployable Repeater Skill

Attack, Comms Equipment, Deployable, Disposable (3), Indiscriminate, Zone of Control.

In the Reactive Turn, LoF with the Active trooper is required.

  • By spending a Short Skill or ARO, the user places a Deployable Repeater Marker (REPEATER) on the game table. This action is an Attack.
  • In the Active Turn, the trooper can deploy the Deployable Repeater Marker in base contact or in any point of his Movement, if he declared any. In Reactive Turn, the trooper will deploy the Deployable Repeater Marker in base contact.
  • Players will place the Deployable Repeater Marker at the Conclusion of the Order.
  • Once placed on the table, the Deployable Repeater starts functioning in the following Orders.
  • A Deployable Repeater is a piece of Equipment that contains a Repeater.
  • A deployed Repeater remains on the table until the end of the game or until it is destroyed.

Deployable Repeater Profile

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Deployable Repeater is a generic name for portable hacking range amplifiers. Manufactured by a plethora of telecom hardware companies with defense contracts, all models of this type of Repeater meet almost identical specs, to the point that the logo is sometimes the only distinctive feature in what is an almost standard design. Deployable Repeaters have been conceived so that they can be planted in a static position to cover a specific area with the signals generated by field infowar specialists. Nowadays, Deployable Repeaters are a staple of any strategy for infoelectronic supremacy, as they give non-specialist soldiers the ability to extend the operative area for tactical Hackers to ply their craft.


N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.1
Q: A trooper inside the enemy Hacking Area declares that they are placing a Sniffer or Deployable Repeater. The enemy declares Blackout and gets a successful Roll and the trooper fails the BTS Roll. Does all the Comms Equipment enter the Disabled state including the deployed item?
A: No. Blackout only affects the Equipment that has not been deployed.
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