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The Dazer is a Deployable Weapon that creates a Very Difficult Terrain and Saturation Zone in its Zone of Control.

Attack, Deployable, Disposable (3), Zone of Control
  • By spending a Short Skill or ARO, the user places a Dazer Marker (DAZER) on the game table to represent the Dazer. This action is an Attack.
  • In the Active Turn, the trooper can deploy the Dazer Marker in base contact or, if he moved, in base contact with any part of his route. In the Reactive Turn, the trooper must deploy the Dazer Marker in base contact.
  • Dazers are not considered deployed until the Conclusion of the Order.
  • Once placed on the game table, the Dazer will be considered activated in the following Orders/AROs.
  • This weapon generates a Very Difficult Terrain and Saturation Zone of infinite height in its Zone of Control.
  • A deployed Dazer remains on the table until the end of the game or until it is destroyed.

Dazer Profile

0 0 1 0

Dazer and Multiterrain

Troopers possessing the Multiterrain Special Skill don't apply the effects of the Very Difficult Terrain Zone.

The Dazer is an area denial element designed to hinder and impede the movement and tactical evolution of the enemy on the ground. It is a hybrid piece of equipment that combines different advanced technologies to artificially generate an area of operational nightmare. The main system is a sonic / electromagnetic emitter that affects the inner ear or the gyroscopic system of anyone who is within its radius of action, causing vertigo sensation, imbalance and, in organic beings, dizziness. This system causes a reduction in the movement capacity and maneuver of the affected troops. The secondary system, on the other hand, is an ejector of high-density nanoparticles that saturate the area increasing the thickness and atmospheric viscosity. These nanoparticles, in addition to impeding the movement through them, have a collateral effect of ballistic detention, reducing the offensive capacity of any troop that is inside. Comparatively, the Dazer is a high-tech element whose effective development as a compact element is relatively recent. Therefore, it is not very common in the Human Sphere's areas of operations, fortunately for all those who have to deal with one.