Creation of a Fireteam

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Human Sphere N3 Content.
  • During the Deployment Phase, placing a Team Leader Marker (F: TEAM LEADER), or equivalent, next to one of the troopers that meet the Requirements of this rule.
In that moment, the player can perform a Deployment Phase Coherency Check relative to the appointed Team Leader.
  • During the game, spending a Command Token and placing a Team Leader Marker (F: TEAM LEADER) next to one of the troopers that meet the Requirements of this rule.
  • When a Fireteam is created, the player must declare which troopers are members of it.


When creating a Fireteam: Core that includes Wildcard troopers, you must include at least one trooper from one of the units listed for that Fireteam in the Sectorial chart, or a trooper who counts as one of those units.

When creating a Fireteam: Haris or Duo, the Fireteam belongs to the unit of the trooper with the Fireteam: Haris or Duo Special Skill. For example, in OperationS, A Deva Haris + two Yadu would be a Deva Fireteam, and a Yadu Haris + Yadu + Deva would be a Yadu Fireteam.


N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.7, Jul 2019
Q: To the troops like the Son-Bae with the text “Special Fireteam. Wildcard trooper: up to 1 Son-Bae can join any Fireteam of this Sectorial Army.”. Can you join one to each of the fireteams (like one in haris, one in duo, one in core) or one in a fireteam in the whole list?
A: One per Fireteam.
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