Common Requirements

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Human Sphere N3 Content.
  • To use this rule, a player must field a Sectorial Army List, an Army List that specifies that Fireteams are available, or have a Special Skill, piece of Equipment or Hacking Program that allows its use.
  • A Fireteam can only be composed of those troopers where it is indicated that they are able to compose Fireteams.
  • A Fireteam must be composed of troopers belonging to the same unit, or of those that the Sectorial Army List specifies are able to do so. Some special Fireteams can ignore this Requirement, as specified in their description or in the Sectorial Army List.
  • The members of a Fireteam must be in Coherency with the Team Leader.
  • A trooper cannot simultaneously be part of more than one Fireteam.
  • All members of a Fireteam must belong to the same Combat Group.
  • The player must nominate one of the Fireteam members as the Team Leader, using a Team Leader Marker. (F: TEAM LEADER).