Chain Rifle

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A Direct Template BS Weapon, very useful within Large Teardrop range and against large groups, where its low Burst is offset by a big Area of Effect.

Name Range (inches) DAM B Ammo Traits
Short Medium Long Maximum
Chain Rifle -- -- -- -- 13 1 N Direct Template (Large Teardrop), Intuitive Attack

ATTENTION: Use of this weapon is prohibited by the Concilium Convention. Violators shall be prosecuted by international courts.

The Chain Rifle uses a length of chain as ammunition, firing it as a cone of red-hot shrapnel via an electric mechanism. It was developed to arm untrained militias in Third World campaigns. A Chain Rifle's wide firing arc makes it devastating at short ranges, where missing is almost impossible. The low production cost and deadly effectiveness of this weapon made it a resounding success in conflicts all over the Human Sphere.