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In Infinity, troops are grouped into Units. A Unit is a group of soldiers of a specific army. All soldiers within a Unit have received the same training and have the same Attributes, Skills, and the same basic gear. Each Unit has a Unit Profile with all the data you need to play it.

The Unit Profile is what makes any given type of soldier different from the rest, and it includes the following information:

  • International Standard Code (ISC) All units have their own battle history and a reputation associated to their name. Sometimes, these names are popularized in their original language (such as Line Kazak or Bagh-Mari), but most often they are translated to the speaker's language (as is the case of the Orc Troops and the Hac Tao). To avoid confusion, O-12 has created an international nomenclature, called ISC, for its intelligence reports and analysis. ISC names are shown in the header of each unit's profile, in holocards inserted into blister packs, and printed on box sets.
  • Troop Types Infinity units are classified according to their mobility, armor, and operational profile.
  • Troop Classification Troop classification identifies the unit's function within the army and its most salient operational features. It can determine army compositions in missions and scenarios, or in alternative Army Lists for Tournaments and Campaigns.
  • Attributes Attributes are a series of numeric values that describe a unit's basic capabilities. In game terms, these are used to make Rolls and calculate the success or failure of attempted actions.
  • Special Skills This section of the Profile enumerates the Special Skills common to all troopers of the Unit (see Special Skills).
  • Equipment These are all pieces of Equipment carried by the trooper (see Equipment).
  • Options Each Unit Profile has one or more weapon options, organized in rows in the lower area of the profile. Each rows displays the weapons, SWC, and Cost for that option, as well as any possible Special Skills or Equipment unique to that option.