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Human Sphere N3 Content.

A biotechnological device that allows the user to enter the Targeted state, and also works as a Repeater.

Comms Equipment, NFB, Non-Lootable, Optional
  • Spending one Short Skill, this piece of Equipment allows its bearer to automatically enter into the Targeted state for his own army. The adversary cannot benefit from this Targeted state.
  • The bearer of an active Biolocator (in the Targeted state) can be targeted by friendly troopers.
  • To activate the Biolocator (and enter into the Targeted state) automatically provides its bearer the Repeater piece of Equipment.
  • The activation of Biolocator causes its bearer to also enter the Unconscious state.
  • The Unconscious state caused by the Biolocator doesn't cancel the Targeted state, nor deactivates the Repeater piece of Equipment.
  • Entering the Dead state cancels the Targeted state and the Repeater piece of Equipment.
  • Biolocator is a single use piece of Equipment: once this has been activated and its bearer recovers from the Unconscious state, or if he uses a Special Skill that can be used in Unconscious state (as V: Dogged, V: No Wound Incapacitation, Regeneration...) then the Biolocator disconnects and cannot be used anymore.

Biolocator and Explode

The use of Biolocator automatically nullifies the Explode Special Skill, if its bearer possesses it.

ATTENTION: Use of this piece of equipment is prohibited by the Concilium Convention. Violators shall be prosecuted by international courts.

When activated, the Biolocator emits a powerful signal which allows friendly units to locate its user on the battlefield. This device feeds off the electric activity of a user's brain. When switched to active mode at full performance, it requires an energy supply that causes the immediate unconsciousness of its carrier. This fact, and that it is usually implanted in absolute fanatics and dangerous criminals, sees its carrier considered disposable and/or sacrificial.