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Certain Special Ammunition types, Attacks, Equipment, Hacking Programs, etc. can force the target to use its BTS Attribute in place of its ARM.

BTS Rolls work like ARM Rolls, except that the value added to the result is the BTS Attribute instead of the ARM.

A BTS Roll is successful if the final result is higher than the Damage value of the Attack. In that case, the target receives no Damage and suffers no alteration to its Attribute profile or its state.

Conversely, a BTS Roll fails if the final result is equal to or lower than the Damage value of the Attack. When this happens, the most common consequence is the loss of one point from the target's Wounds/Structure or a change in its state, depending on the weapon or ammunition used in the Attack.


N3 Frequently Asked Question FAQ Version: 1.1
Q: Does a non-lethal hacking program (but without this trait) with DT Ammunition or similar, like Total Control, inflict a wound for each BTS roll failed by the target?
A: Only the programs that state that the target loses one point of his Wounds/Structure Attribute loses wounds. The types of ammunition apply the effects of the reduction to BTS or multiple rolls, not the lethal damage.
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