BS Attack Resolution

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Once the BS Attack is declared, players check which MODs apply, take the necessary measurements, and make the BS Attack Rolls.

Modifiers (MOD)

Before rolling, the player must check which MODs are applicable. The most common are:


Most BS Weapons, pieces of Equipment and Special Skills that can make BS Attacks put a Range MOD on the attack that depends on the distance between the attacker and the target (see Range).

If the target is farther from the attacker than the maximum Range value of the BS Weapon, piece of Equipment or Special Skill, then the BS Attack fails automatically (the Order is spent, Disposable weapons are used up, etc.).


If the target is in Partial Cover, the attacker applies a -3 MOD to all his BS Attack Rolls against that target (see Cover).


If the LoF is drawn through an area with special Visibility Conditions, the attacker's Roll can suffer penalties (see Visibility Conditions).

Special Skills and Equipment

Certain Special Skills and Equipment can add a MOD to BS Attack Rolls.

BS Attack Roll

After calculating the MODs, players make their Rolls using the relevant Attribute, usually BS. Simultaneous BS Attack Rolls can be made in any order.

Normal Roll

If the Skills declared by the target do not affect the outcome of the BS Attack, the attacker can make a Normal Roll (see Rolls).

The attacker makes one roll for each point of Burst he assigned to a target.

Face to Face Roll

If the Skills declared by the target do affect the outcome of the BS Attack (like declaring another BS Attack would, for example), then a Face to Face Roll is made (see Rolls).

Both players make as one Roll for each point of Burst they assigned to that exchange.