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Certain troopers, highly trained in assault techniques, are capable of making the most of the momentum gained when charging headfirst towards the enemy, diving into melee with unstoppable force.

Movement, CC Special Skill.
  • The target must be within the user's LoF when this CC Special Skill is declared.
  • The target must be within a maximum distance equal to or smaller than the sum of the user's two MOV values.
  • Assault is an Entire Order made up of the Short Movement Skill Move + CC Attack.
  • The user can declare Assault to add up the two values of his MOV Attribute into a single Short Movement Skill that lets him enter base to base contact with an enemy.
  • Assault also applies an Attack MOD, as shown in the Assault Chart.
  • This CC Special Skill applies the Movement General Conditions and also the Movement and Measurement Sidebar of the Move Common Skill.

When declaring Assault as an Entire Order, you must declare both the Short Movement Skill Move and the target of the CC Attack before the opponent declares AROs.


Measuring Assault When a trooper declares Assault as an Entire Order, players must check whether the target is within range of the Assault charge, that is, the sum of the two values of the user's MOV Attribute, by measuring immediately after the Assault declaration is made and before the Reactive Player declares AROs. If the distance to the target is bigger than the sum of the two MOV values of the user, then the user will only Move the distance and trajectory declared.

Name Attack Opponent Damage Burst Type of Special
Assault -3 0 0 0 -- *

NOTE*: Allows the user to perform the Assault CC Special Skill.