Antipode Control Device

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This piece of Equipment allows the user to deploy and control the Antipodes of an Ariadnan Assault Pack.

Comms Equipment, Non-Lootable.
  • A Requirement for enlisting and deploying an Assault Pack.

If the Control Device user falls Unconscious or Dead, or is rendered Isolated by the effect of E/M Special Ammunition or the Blackout Hacking Program, refer to the Antipode.

Much like K-9 unit handlers, Antipode Handlers are responsible not only for commanding these creatures while on duty, but also for their training and conditioning. Despite the inevitability of Handlers establishing affective ties with their appointed Antipodes, they are encouraged to remain relatively detached, particularly given the high casualty rates of the creatures, which must be replaced regularly. Handlers issue verbal commands to their Antipodes via radio, and reinforce them with RF or microwave signals that activate electrodes inside the creatures' craniums. The electrodes generate electrical impulses that can regulate the intensity of the Antipodes' response, achieving acceptable levels of obedience and compliance even while under the effects of their characteristic state of bloodlust.

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