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This Skill allows the user to warn all allies of an imminent danger so that they may face in the direction of the threat.

No Roll.

The user must have LoF to an active enemy who declares or executes an Order.

  • By declaring this Skill, the user allows any number of his allies to declare Change Facing and turn towards the enemy who declared the Order, even if they have not LoF or even if the enemy is outside their Zone of Control.
  • The selected allies declare Change Facing in the same Order in which the Alert Skill was declared.
  • The Reactive Player must select which allies declare Change Facing immediately after declaring Alert.
  • By Changing Facing, these allies expend their ARO, so any troopers who Change Facing cannot declare any further AROs during that Order.

Special Manoeuver: Alert and Change Facing With this Special Manoeuver in the same Order in which a trooper declares Alert, other friendly troopers can declare Change Facing when they have no LoF with a foe outside their Zone of Control or if they were in other similar game situation.

As everything happens in the same Order, the roll to Change Facing can be a Face to Face Roll against the trooper in Active Turn, if this declared an Attack against the troopers declaring Change Facing.

Alert example
In her Reactive Turn, Fusilier Bipandra gains LoF towards Alguacil Ortega, who declared Move as first Skill of his Order to sneak up on Fusilier Angus. Angus, Ortega's hapless nemesis, has his back turned and cannot see Ortega approaching.
Since Ortega is too far from Bipandra for an effective shot, she decides to declare Alert as her ARO.
This allows Angus to declare an ARO, Change Facing, to turn around towards Ortega. Then, the Alguacil declares his second Skill of the Order, BS Attack. Assuming Angus passes his PH-3 Face to Face Roll, he not only will Dodge the Attack, but also he will enjoy LoF against Ortega. So, the next time the Alguacil declares an Order, Angus will be able to respond to any incoming fire from his arch-enemy.