Adhesive (ADH) Special Ammunition

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This Ammunition projects a charge of extremely strong, ultra-fast-hardening cement designed to immobilize the target.




After a successful attack using Adhesive Special Ammunition, the target must make a PH-6 Roll.


  • If the target fails the PH-6 Roll, it enters the Immobilized-2 state. Place an Immobilized-2 Marker (IMM-2) next to it.
  • Troops who failed the PH-6 Roll and are rendered Immobilized-2 cannot make the subsequent Guts Roll.
  • Critical hits with Adhesive Special Ammunition cause the target to enter the Immobilized-2 state directly, bypassing the PH-6 Roll.

Adhesive Ammunition is a kind of multi-purpose, non-lethal armament. It is an inexpensive alternative to standard armor-piercing ammunition as an anti-tank solution, halting and immobilizing almost any kind of vehicle regardless of the strength of its armor plating. However, by far the most common use of his special ammunition is as an anti-riot and crowd control measure, where it is particularly useful for its capacity to subdue and detain targets quickly and without severe or permanent damage to them.